Xiaomi Mi VR Play 2

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Xiaomi Mi VR Play 2

Lightweight, soft fabric / Immersive 360° panoramic view / Front load design

Craftsmanship is visible through attention to detail

Xiaomi has always excelled at product innovation. It does not matter if a tiny detail or the whole concept of the device is redefined, the only aim is pursued — sheer excellence. Caring about the smallest detail is what makes Xiaomi a craftsman. Every stage of product development, be it the process of choosing materials, building the design details or manufacture, should deliver a qualitative result.


More comfortable wear-feeling

The externals of the Mi VR Play 2 are wrapped in a PBT material. Not only it feels nice to touch, it is also easily sustainable. This material is breathable, anti-static, is not easy to ball-up and cleans well. When you wear the headset it covers most of your forehead and goes down to upper cheekbones. The face padding has multiple vents to keep you cool in that area and prevent the lenses from fogging during extended VR sessions. Mi VR 2 uses a strong, durable and elastic strap to make adjustments. The headset fits snug on your face and does not allow light leaks, creating a more comfortable watching experience. You can even wear the device over your simple glasses, no matter how large their frame is.

12% lighter than the 1st iteration

You may never remember the first time you used your smartphone, but you will definitely remember your first time experiencing Xiaomi Mi VR Play 2. Thanks to a more refined design the gadget is something the history should record. It is utterly covered in a newly designed fabric that looks like a futuristic armor. The goggles weigh now only 183 grams, which makes wearing them easier and more convenient.

Immersive VR experience

The lens used in Xiaomi VR Play 2 is of an aspherical type that compensates for distortion of the standard image when it passes through the lenses. Because everyone has a different distance between eyes the device offers proper adjustment of lenses to your eyes to reduce the effect of a doubled image.





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